Dj Stretch-20 Years of Metalheadz ft Exclusive Interview with Goldie-Reinforced

As we continue to celebrate Metalheadz’ 20 years deep in the game of drum and bass, I came across this mix from none other than Dj Stretch. Dj Stretch is apart of the legendary Reinforced camp and is a don that those immersed in DNB know. If you dont know your history then get to know because then you will understand how crucial a label and crew Reinforced was to the start of Metalheadz and the explosion of what became drum and bass. The length of this whole performance stretches out quite a bit but part of this is due to an incredible and insightful interview from the one like Goldie. The tracklist is absolutely historical and respect to @10inchpress for getting it sorted it out!



Dubplate – VIP
DJ Peshay – Represent
Doc Scott – Far Away
Alec Reece – Basic Principles (Remix)
Alex – I need your Love
Wax Doctor – Kid Caprice
Doc Scott – Blue Skies
DJ Peshay- Psychosis
J Majik – The Spell
Hidden Agenda – On The Roof
Rufige Kru – Crisp Biscuit
Manix – Exclusive Dubplate
** Stretch & Goldie Interview ** Metalheadz
Inner city Life (Nookie remix)
Doc Scott – It’s Yours
Rufige Kru – This is a Baad (Source Direct Remix)
J Majik – Needlepoint Majik
Rufige Kru – Dark Metal
Dillinja feat Cybatron – Silverblade
Rufige Kru – Still Life (Photek Remix)
Optical – Raging Calm
Rufige Kru – Kemistry (Grooverider Remix)
Asylum – Base II Dark
Source Direct – Web of Sin
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix)
Source Direct – Stone Killer
Adam F – Metropolis
Digital – Niagra
Rufige Kru – Jah (Peshay Remix)
Photek – Consciousness
Lemon D – This is L.A
J Majik – Your Sound
Ed Rush – Density
Peshay – Predator
Total Science – Silent Reign
Hidden Agenda – Swing Time
Doc Scott – Drumz VIP
Rufige Kru – Sinister (Grooverider Remix)
Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction
Dillinja – Angels Fell
Source Direct – The Cult Hidden Agenda
Despatches #2
Sci-Clone – Hold On
Sci-Clone – O.D
J Majik – Arabian Nights
Dillinja – The Promise
Dillinja – Brutal Bass
Wax Doctor – The Step
J Majik – Freefall
Marcus Intalex – Universe
John B – Up all night (Remix)
Rufige Kru – ST Darkie VIP Dubplate

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