Fire up that grill!

Dirty Bird has released a compilation entitled Dirtybird BBQ. Dirtybird began throwing barbeques for their friends in Golden Gate Park some 13 years ago. This compilation is a homage to those parties and an attempt to share the bbq vibe with the rest of the world that couldn’t be in San Fransisco to experience it.

The event eventually got too big for the park a few years ago, but don’t worry your pretty little (house) head too much about missing these epic gatherings- Dirtybird is taking the barbeque crew on tour starting this spring. They are even bringing along their long time cook, Chef Grillson. You can catch the first event at WMC in Miami on March 27th. Tickets are available at  –

Everything on this compilation is solid, to be honest. The tunes were all hand picked by Claude Von Stroke. In creating any kind of art, two things are essential- unity and variety. All of these tunes are unified in their sound, yet have enough variety to keep the listener wanting more.  If I had to pick a couple of favorites I’d have to go with Buggin by Justin Martin, Okay by Shiba San, Martian Landing by Christian Martin, and Le Voyou by Justin Jay.

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