Salford John & Dub Phizix – 8 Gold Rings

The Manchester crew lost one of their brethren recently when local staple, Salford John, was attacked and subsequently passed on from his injuries. I didn’t know John, but from tweets by Strategy, DRS, and Dub Phizix he was quite the character and he touched a lot of people’s lives in important ways.

Dub Phizix wrote a touching eulogy to his memory and as part of that he is also giving away a track he remixed for John, called “8 Gold Rings.” Mr. Phizix is kindly requesting donations when you download the track to help with the care of John’s two young daughters. So click through to the eulogy page, get to know Salford John, drop a few bucks in the coffers for his kids, then download “8 Gold Rings.” It’s good karma.

They’re also doing a one-off event in Manchester, also entitled 8 Gold Rings, at FAC251, so if you happen to be in the area make sure you stop in to hear Goldie, Marcus Intalex, Dub Phizix, and Xtrah blow it up in Salford John’s memory.

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