Metalheadz Podcast 45 – Ant TC1 – 2014 Kick Off

Metalheadz manager and Dispatch mastermind Ant TC1 steps back behind the decks to deliver the latest Metalheadz podcast series and the first one to kick off 2014. I am hungrily awaiting what will be done with the recent sets that were recorded at the Metalheadz 20th Anniversary event that seemed to be beyond words. The lineup was a junglist’s dream upon a dream and reading the tweets and fb posts from those who played and were involved, it was something to remember. I can cope with this as a meal to tide me over until something is announced regarding the sets for that special night. The Metalheadz podcasts are always looking to the future, past, and present of the drum and bass sound. The Nucleus/Paradox tune that kicks it off is SERIOUS and heads straight into breakbeat shogun PHOTEK’s Something Else. This mix is no joke and so be prepared to turn the lights out and get the fuck down. Join us.


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