Seba-Mesmerism EP-Secret Operations

Seba has blessed up with a new EP on his Secret Operations label and it is a fantastic collection of music. The release opens up with a deep half time number entitled Mesmerism. A nice amount of minimal percussion drenched in reverb and delay creates a nice tension with synth stabs that slowly build throughout the tune. The tension continues to increase until Mentasm stabs cut the air after the drop releasing it back into the depths of deep space vibes. Physickl has been making the rounds on the decks from numerous dj’s and you can hear why. It has the vibes of a nice electro tinged stepper vibes with great sub action bumping. Life Is is a great tune taking you back to that classic Seba sound that made us follow him many years ago. I really like this tune as it reminds me of the beauty and variety that drum and bass brings to electronic music. Scince Fiction closes out the EP on a heavier note that Seba has been releasing here and there since the late 2000’s. It is a great tune that I can see being on Metalheadz Platinum. Thick vibes on that one and I love listening to this one on a great system or on headphones zoning out to the sounds.


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