Beats & Pieces Vol 23

It’s been awhile since we’ve been given a bunch of new tunes to showcase, so let’s get moving on new beats you need to know about…

Gamma, Safire, Amoss – Chavland/2012/4th State (Icicle Remix) – Plasma Audio – Feb 2014

This three-track EP is quite the debut release by Plasma Audio! Gamma is at the forefront of the EP with two tunes, Chavland and 2012, that offer up different styles of production while, Icicle’s remix of 4th State (featuring vocals by Gusto) is a monster! Check the samples below for full audio immersion.

36 Hertz – Back to 92 EP – OUT NOW

Rarely does an EP’s title accurately describe the contents of the music, however the 36 Hertz folks have nailed it. Pure hardcore rave madness from bossman DJ Vapour, frequent contributors SR & Digbee, ESP, and newcomer Indigo Virus. Listening to this is like traveling back in time…

QBig & Zenith B – Exiled Mind/Matador – Protect Audio – Out February 10th

The tenth release from Protect Audio features two deeply minimal releases by QBig and Zenith B. Exiled Mind starts off with twisty atmospherics before launching into sub-bass darkness. Matador gives you the dancefloor “Ole” after a nice mellow lead-in at the four minute mark.

Voima – Epiprocta/Apoplexy – Deep Field Audio – Out February 24th

We continue to be big fans of all things Deep Field Audio related and this release is no exception (we didn’t name them our label of 2013 for nothing!). This time they’ve found Polish producer Voima, who also happens to be an Olympic speed-skater participating in Sochi, to lay down two massive tunes for DFA’s fifth release. Nuff respect to the DFA crew and best wishes to Voima as he races for gold!

Pushy – Take It EP – Kiosk – Out March 3, 2014

Pushy, aka Christoph Bergeron, drops this trap/breaks/expirimental/140bpm madness via Kiosk Recordings in March. It’s a pretty unique compilation of tunes from an artist that’s been doing his thing since 1983 via theater, cinema, and contemporary dance. Personal favorites include the trappy title track Take It, the synthed out bass joint Geek Father, and the toned-down vibe of Resident.

Sunchase – The Chips/Next Rhythm (Engage Rmx) – 22:22 – OUT NOW

The fifth release from Ukrainian label 22:22, Sunchase has had Engage remix the A side, Next Rhythm, which was originally released on Moving Shadow in 2005. This one will run the dance with an 8bit sample layered over a running bassline. The Chips is an off-kilter number with staccato drums and harrowing synths dropping in and out with rapid-fire precision. They call it future drum & bass and I’m like to agree.

Nightstalker EP – Killscreen Recordings – Out March 3rd

Thrashpilot’s Killscreen Recordings is back with a 7 track EP full of killer cuts from himself, Fractals, Jamac, and a release from the mighty Sappo. There’s a bit of something for everyone’s taste on the EP because it ranges from the sublimely rolling (Illusion) to heady jump-up (What’s Next) to darkside business (Midnight). Also, they’re giving away a freebie by Stagerush, HERE.

Dexta & Hyroglifics – Boxgroove – Diffrent Music – Out February 24th

The Diffrent folks are back again with their signature giraffe-step and a “fusion single” format from Dexta & Hyroglifics. The idea is that they’ve combined their super powers into a track they’ve dubbed Boxgroove, then individual singles from each artist. All three tracks are really heady steppers. Boxgroove has some ill bassline flavor, while Move Over and The Dogz will twist and turn out a dance. I especially like the sampling in The Dogz…all three are killers. If you want more, be sure to check out the Arkaik Guest Mix released a few days ago.

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