Juju – 606am Convulsions

Several months ago I began digitizing my mixtape collection. I just finished that project and will begin posting some of these mixtapes to the blog as I get them EQ’ed a bit.

Next up is San Francisco-based, and Phuckateck Collective member, DJ Juju’s 6:06 AM Convulsions. I don’t remember the circumstances of how I came to own this tape, but I’ve had it since 1998 and it was in a steady rotation in my Integra (that had a tapedeck!) for years. The thing that sticks out to me most about this tape is that it was the first time I’d heard the Matrix remix of Ed Rush and Optical’s “Medicine” and being completely blown away.

When Juju played for us in Dallas in 2001, I asked him about the tape and he was shocked anyone had ever heard the tape, much less owned it. As the name of the tape implies, it was a one-off early Sunday morning session mix he did on a whim. I haven’t seen or heard much from Juju in many years and according to Discogs he hasn’t had a release since 2008. A cursory search yields no Facebook or Twitter accounts for him, so I hope wherever he is, he’s doing well because he was a good dude and an excellent DJ.

The original recording was likely done to DAT and professionally engineered so it sounds great and that lends itself to a really solid digital rip. I combined both sides of the tape into a single mp3 for ease of listening. The only hiccup is a hard break at 30:35 which marks the end of Side A (guess they ran out of tape).

As far as I know this is the only upload of the tape anywhere on the internet. A Google search of it yields nothing and there’s no mention of it on Juju’s discography. I’m glad I kept it all these years and can share it now. Enjoy.


Juju – 606am Convulsions by Wes – Shadowboxing.Org on Mixcloud

Download Juju – 606am Convusions


  1. Juju was a badman! Definitely not sure where he ended up; I remember he was making dubstep and then his output tapered off. Thanks for this mix, don’t think I’d ever heard it before!


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