Generation Hyper – Stevie Hyper D Charity Compilation

“Junglists are you ready?!” – Stevie Hyper D

Before his unfortunate passing from a blood clot (due to deep vein thrombosis) in 1998, Stevie Hyper D was the premier jungle MC in the game. Often headlining with the scenes biggest DJs from Grooverider, to Andy C, to Ray Keith, to his longtime collaborator Nicky Blackmarket. If the rave was big then Stevie Hyper was in control and the preeminent master of ceremonies.

If you’re not familiar with Stevie’s work then I’ve included a few samples of it below, including this set from Telepathy 3 in 1994 with the mighty Grooverider.


Grooverider & Stevie Hyper D – Live @ Telepathy III 1994 by Wes – Shadowboxing.Org on Mixcloud

As the nickname “Hyper D” suggests, he was at the forefront at the hyper-kinetic patois MCing style most jungle MCs adopted that allowed them to keep time with jungle tunes. Below is one of my favorite sets he did with Darren Jay at Clash of the Titans from 1996.


Darren J & Stevie Hyper D – Live @ One Nation Clash of the TItans 1996 by Wes – Shadowboxing.Org on Mixcloud

Now, Stevie’s nephew Daryl and Benny V of Dance Concepts are putting together a compilation of new tracks, entitled Generation Hyper, with all proceeds going to benefit the Stevie Hyper D Foundation. They’ve put together a star-studded group of producers on the compilation including Ray Keith, DJ Phantasy, Serial Killaz, Congo Natty, Kenny Ken, Jaydan, Heist, and Nookie. They’ll be using existing vocal samples from Stevie and layering them into new production work and includes a full length mix CD from Benny V.

Top tunes for a good cause. Generation Hyper will be released on March 3rd at all fine digital retailers.

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