DJ Trace – Philadelphia Sessions Version 1.0

I’m in the process of ripping a box of mixtapes so I can, eventually, get rid of them and this is one of the better finds in the box.

If I recall correctly, I bought this tape in 1999 at 611 Records during a trip to Philadelphia and the tracklist (featuring the bigger Bad Company, Virus, and Trace tunes of the day) seems to confirm that memory. Trace has always been a superior DJ and the mix is flawless all the way through. I tried to EQ the rip as best I could, but being that it’s a nearly 20 year old tape there might be some pops here and there. However, it’s still loud and there’s plenty of low end. I also combined the A and B sides of the tape into a single track, so there’s a fadeout midway through the single track to let you know you’ve moved onto the B side.




DJ Trace – Philadelphia Sessions Version 1.0 by Wes – Shadowboxing.Org on Mixcloud

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