Need For Mirrors, HLZ, Mikal – Horus/Solomon – Warm Communications 28

Our good friend Heath, who runs Warm Communications, is a man on fire at the moment. He released some of our favorite tunes of 2013, launched the cool Umbra series of undercover producers pushing the envelope, and managed to knock out a few wicked mixes.

Now we’re in the new year and Warm Communications are kicking it off with a bang in the form of another juggernaut release with Need For Mirrors, HLZ, and Mikal. The A side, “Horus,” harkens us back to the early 2000’s with a sound not unlike the mighty Photek armed with Robert Owens-esque vocal doing damage. The vibes and energy are there but the tune stands on its own, and comparing it to Photek is not meant to be a rip in the slightest.

When I listen to tunes, part of my processing is how I am going to mix this track and with what other tunes so thus the Photek mention! Plus I think its pretty good company to be put in with as well. The beats and atmosphere pulsate driving the tune with the vocals dropping in and out at the precise moments needed. Its a darker tune but perfect for the floor at anytime, which I love.

The flipside has just NFM and Mikal stepping in on the beast known as “Solomon.” There is a band where I live named Solomon and they are the heaviest trio on the planet right now and this tune totally takes me there. The subs are HEAVY and I mean like radioactive Digital HEAVY. Pick this up on site.


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