DJ Zinc – Trust Me I Was There

DJ Zinc has put together an interesting retrospective mix series he’s entitled “Trust Me I Was There” which starts in 1986 and works its way forward. Check out the first three entries and keep checking his Soundcloud account for additional mixes in the series.

This is the first of a series of mixes I’ll be uploading over the next few months, called ‘Trust me, I was there’ – I’ll be playing the tracks that were killing it wherever I was, wether [sic] in clubs or on radio. The mixes will be in chronological order starting with a mix of of music from 86/87.

In 86 and 87 I was still at school, so can’t be certain which tracks were big in the clubs – but thanks to the london pirate radio scene I was able to hear what i reckon was pretty much the same music in my own home. This was an era before mobile phones, before the internet – I’d be stuck to the radio all night long scanning the pirates with a pen and pad waiting for the presenter to say the name of any track to add to my list of tracks to buy (I say buy – it took me a few years to finally get em cos I was skint, and some of em only recently – thank god for discogs and a good memory!!)

Electro had been big in the couple of years previously and in this mix there are still traces to be heard, but acid house was the new sound taking over the underground!

this is the second mix in a series ‘trust me i was there’ – the music in this mix is what was getting played in the places with a more relaxed door policy (places that would let in 15-16 year olds) and on the london pirate dance radio stations in 1988.

one thing i find interesting about this year (as a producer) is the contrast between the really raw acid stuff and the super slick vocal tracks – one of which was exec produced by quincy jones no less!!

music that i was playing and listening to – this time its all from 1989, and as i was buying more music by this time there will be 3 hour long mixes for ’89.
by 1989 i’d left school and was working 9-5 then spending all my other time listening to pirates and buying music. i didn’t have enough money for turntables at this point so i used to chop up tracks using a crappy home hi-fi using the pause button. luckily nowadays i have turntables 😀

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