Ivy Lab – Ivycast 002 Podcast

Alright, I am going to open up my book and let out one of my biggest secret weapons. Ivy Lab caught my ear last year with the AMAZING release with Frank Carter III called “Afterthought.” Absolutely an amazing tune released on Critical and I just could not get enough of it. Ivy Lab is Stray, Halogenix, and Sabre who are all veteran producers that came together to do this project. The guys have put together a new podcast and it contains hip hop along with drum and bass. I really am digging this mix because they mix old and new tunes and bring some ABSOLUTE CLASSICS into play like Boymerang’s Mind Control and Ed Rush’s Subway. Need I say more? I have heard many good things from the Ivy Lab including a Metalheadz release (Make It Clear), along with continual music coming through the pipeline on Critical. You can thank me later for this one. Tracklist after the jump.

Happy New Year everyone and I look forward to an amazing 2014!! BE SAFE!!


(00:00:42) Gravediggaz – ‘Defective Trip’ [Gee Street]
(00:03:02) Buckshot Le Fonque – Some Shit At 78 BPM [Columbia]
(00:03:50) Funk Doobiest – ‘The Funkiest’ [Epic]
(00:05:06) Shaquielle O’Neil – ‘No Hooks Ft. RZA & Method Man’ [Jive]
(00:07:29) Mykki Blanko – ‘Join My Militia’ [UNO NYC]
(00:10:26) Beautiful Lou – ‘Running Through The Jungle ft. Heemes’ [Free Download]
(00:12:03) Al Ripkin Jr. – ‘Slap Haps’ [White]
(00:13:08) Mr Carmack – ‘Birth Control’ [Jeffrey’s]
(00:14:54) Great Dane – ‘Dreat Gane’ [Free Download]

(00:16:27) Beats and Ideas from the Lab (Unreleased Material)

(00:30:52) Mutated Forms – ‘Reach You In Your Sleep’ [Blu Mar Ten Music]
(00:32:01) Sam Binga ft. Redders – ‘Lefdem’ [Critical]
(00:33:52) Alix Perez – ‘Gully Halves’ [White]
(00:35:23) Nick Modern & Crime – ‘Logic Bomb’ [Adapt]
(00:37:18) Innervisions – ‘Static Link’ [Reinforced]
(00:39:55) Boymerang – ‘Mind Control’ [Regal]
(00:42:08) Ed Rush – ‘Subway’ [Prototype]
(00:44:15) Photek – ‘The 3rd Sequence’ [Astralwerks]
(00:46:21) Vertigo – ‘The Drained’ [Droppin’ Science]

(00:48:43) DLR – Sleep Talk [Shogun]
(00:51:20) Dub Phizix – The Clock Ticks [Critical]
(00:53:10) Noisia & The Upbeats – Little Fling [Critical]
(00:54:46) Lenzman & FD – Joanie’s Theme [Metalheadz]
(00:56:29) Ivy Lab – Baby Grey [Critical]
(00:59:27) Level 2 – Expressions [Liquid V]
(01:00:43) Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile [Critical]
(01:03:39) Forren – One & Only [White]
(01:05:26) Halogenix – Shores [White]
(01:08:23) NFM – Ambush [Chronic]

(01:10:17) Photek – Presha XIII [Photek Productions]
(01:12:03) Icicle – Dumbstep [Shogun Audio]
(01:14:52) Mefjus & Inside Info – Repentance [Critical]
(01:16:29) Emperor – Foxholes [White]
(01:18:09) DLR & Break – We’ll See [Dispatch]
(01:19:25) Black Sun Empire – Breach (The Upbeats Remix) [Blackout Music]
(01:20:09) Ivy Lab & Emperor– Pepper [Critical]
(01:22:10) The Upbeats – The Proof [White]
(01:24:00) Halogenix – Voids [White]

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