Krissi B – I Want U

I was sitting in my chair when I first played Krissi B’s tune, “I want U”, that just came out on Kiosk. By the end of the song though, I was up dancing. This tune is ON POINT. And once the the 2-step garage remix started playing there was just no sitting down afterwards.

In all seriousness, the original version can certainly stand on its own two feet. With superb vocals by Laura Lou, it’s one of those tunes that makes you want to grab a friend and shake it on the dancefloor. The 2-step remix is outstanding. Krissi B takes you back to those the early days but still manages to keep it sounding fresh as fuck. Great job all around here on this one…. I highly recommend this for your party nights. KRISSI B feat LAURA LOU – I Want U – Edit preview by kiosk

By the way, the Kiosk label is an interesting one. Within about 5 clicks on their website I heard dubstep, garage, hardcore (yes I mean like the bang! bang! bang! kind), footwork and I don’t know what else. Its all over the map. I kind of dig it!

Krissi B – I Want U is OUT NOW through Juno Records.

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