DFW Rave Audio

Something happened in my world this week and I think it’s pretty damn cool.

An old friend of mine from Dallas, Thomas Meyer, decided he wanted to try and map out the rather rich history of dance music in Dallas which dates back to the 80s. While he began compiling that information a Facebook group, Dallas Electronic History, quickly spawned to help crowd source a lot of the data. In no time more than a thousand people joined and began sharing information. People began uploading flyers, sharing photos, listing promoters, events, and correcting event locations…all of it happening organically.

Soon someone suggested that we start compiling a lot of the DJ sets from Dallas DJs and DJs that might’ve played in Dallas over the years, so one our SB family, Bill, jumped at the chance to create an audio archive. Thus DFW Rave Audio was born. It’s only been up for a few days and I expect it to grow and evolve exponentially over the next few months.

Check it out and grab some free music from Dallas’ history.

The DFW Rave Archive

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