Beats & Pieces Vol 22

Lots and lots to do!

Evolution Of The Giraffe LP – Diffrent Records – OUT NOW

First up this month is Diffrent Music’s “Evolution of the Giraffe” LP, featuring a slew of artists we’ve talked about before including Dominic Ridgeway, Arkaik, and Mtwn. The Diffrent crew cheekily call compilation GiraffeStep, but it really covers a wide spectrum of varying drum & bass styles from minimal to neuro to atmospheric.

Voyager – FAQ – Tempo Records – OUT NOW

The mighty, mighty Voyager (aka Pete Parsons) has returned and he’s gone full bore into amen driven atmospheric drum & bass with this release on Tempo Records. Mr. Parsons is best known for his Hypersleep tune (the one with the Aliens sample) and his work on Lucky Spin and DeeJay Recordings. These are the first fully length releases from him in some time so we’ll step back and let Mr. Parsons describe these tunes himself:
“”All 3 of these tracks where written after I lost my dad earlier in 2013. “F.A.Q” is about a sense of wonderment, and inspired by a documentary I saw on some deep research on the origin of DNA, we all ask ourselves questions at some point, hence the, “Who are we, where do we come from” samples. “LuvBLoved” is a very special track for me, as it was the first thing I did after returning home after spending the last few months with my dad. The title was borrowed from an old Frank Sinatra song, which dad used at the end of something he wrote to me, which was: “One of the most important things in life, is to love and be loved”. “Big Picture” can best be described as orchestral/cinematic melancholia”.

Free Tune Alert!

Nian Dub – Black Eye – NB Audio – FREE!

It’s rare that I’m able to offer up a freebie in my Beats and Pieces columns, but NB Audio are giving away “Black Eye” from Nian Dub to showcase his forthcoming EP, “Aftermath” due out in 2014. He’s also done a full length promo mix available HERE if you want a bit more from NB Audio crew.

Seba – SecOps020 – Out ???

Uh-oh! Seba’s quietly uploaded a five minute teaser for his upcoming EP on Secret Operations, due out in early 2014. Gonna be big!

Phil Tanget/PennyGiles – We Don’t Talk Anymore/Stories Untold – IM:LTD – OUT NOW

Last, but most certainly not least, is the latest from IM:LTD. This time we have a couple of rugged rollers from Pennygiles and Phil Tangent. Mr. Tangent’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” reminds me of an impending breakup with a girl you don’t really care for, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Pennygiles tune, “Stories Untold,” is on the slightly smoother side. This is the tune you play the girl you still want to be friends with after the break-up.

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