Free Tune Alert! Rocky Nti – Childhood EP

Singer-songwriter work is pretty far afield from our usual fare, but I think it’s worth a mention because Rocky Nti is a talented dude.

I was first made aware of Rocky’s vocal work via BCee’s “Lost & Found” on Spearhead Records a few months ago. “Lost & Found” was the titular track on the album and a standout for a number of reasons, not the least of which were Rocky’s vocals. I felt they added an emotional component and depth to a track written specifically by BCee to commemorate the passing of a friend.

Now Rocky’s released his own 10-track EP entitled Childhood via Bandcamp. With overtones of John Legend and harmonies reminiscent of Amos Lee, he’s written and arranged six really good acoustic originals. In addition, he’s had BCee, Hybrid Minds, Phantoms, and Crwcks handle up on a wide spectrum of remix duties (that Phantoms remix is really, really good).

Give Rocky some love and get some free music. It’s definitely worth it.

Download Link

Rocky on Twitter
Rocky on Facebook
Rocky on Soundcloud

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