Mako – A Break From Ritual/What A Little Moonlight Can Do – Warm Communications

One of our favorite labels within the SB camp is Texas’ own Warm Communications. The label consistently pushes boundaries and is not afraid to take chances in moving across sonic territory. The upcoming release from Mako is no exception and is personally one of my favorite releases to date.

A Break from Ritual is probably one of the heaviest tunes released on the label but harkens back as described in the press release as an ode to Photek styled break edits. I feel the early Reinforced and Metalheadz sound as well and love the sinister play between the breaks. This tune is straight for those that love a blacked out room, serious sound system, and just want to let it go. A Break from Ritual is straight up drum and bass at its core and one for the ‘ARDCORE crew! Essential..

What a Little Moonlight Can Do is no slouch either as it gets serious with the steppa vibe and is unrelenting once the break sets off. Rolling percussion grooves out the steppa breaks moving in and out with an old blues sample and vocal and just sets it off. This tune made me want to bust out Journey from the Light and that shows the vibes coming on this tune. Both sides are prime time dance floor movers.

Warm is releasing a scorcher next month, buy on sight.

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