Double Helix – Deep Field Audio Podcast

Being a sports fan can be a real kick in the nuts. In this case my favorite sporting franchise is struggling, mightily, and just got their asses kicked on national television. Now I get to suffer through a long day of opposing team shit-talking while I hang my head in shame. With that in mind, I need to vent a little rage and the new Deep Field Audio podcast will fit the bill.

I’m a big fan of Double Helix and the work he’s doing for Deep Field Audio. His previous releases on DFA were big neurofunk smashers and while his upcoming tunes, “Muffler/Nebula,” are in the same vein, they each take their cues from different aspects of the sound. “Muffler” is more a more straight ahead slice of dancefloor bass, while “Nebula” leans to the headier side of things while maintaining its swing.

For more audio deliciousness check the Deep Field Audio podcast and the tune previews below and don’t forget to pre-order “Muffler/Nebula” from HERE.

1. Double Helix – Muffler (Deep Field Audio, dub)
2. Phace – Vitreous (Neosignal)
3. Noisia & Balck Sun Empire – Hideous (Double Helix Remix)
4. Neosignal – Sequenz [Mefjus Remix] (Division Recordings)
5. I Am Legion – Dust Descends ft. Strange U (OWSLA)
6. Double Helix – Leviathan (Deep Field Audio)
7. Double Helix – Nebula (Deep Field Audio, dub)
8. Mefjus – Leakproof (Critical Recordings)
9. Xtrah – Cyrax [Break Remix] (Symmetry Remix)
10. Double Helix – Microgravity (Deep Field Audio)
11. Black Sun Empire – B´Negative [Phace & Misanthrop Remix] (Blackout Music NL)
12. Matt McGowan – Guardian Angel (Deep Field Audio)
13. Rawtekk – To Be A Spacemokey (Medschool)
14. Noisia & Evol Intent – The Liqiud (Vision Recordings)
15. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu [Two Swords Technique] (Science)
16. Amon Tobin – Menu Theme [SC Conviction]

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