Beats & Pieces Vol 21 – Conduct – Black Smoke EP

Yesterday, via Twitter, I mentioned how excited I was that Conduct’s Black Smoke EP on Code Recordings was dropping. It’s relatively rare to come across a release that has me caning all four tracks repeatedly, but the Conduct boys, aka Robin Andrews & Chris Edwards, have managed to do it.

Garnering support by some of the scene’s heavy hitters, “The Black Smoke” is relentless, steppy pressure. Meanwhile “Monster” (my personal fav) eases you into a relaxed intro before turning into…well a monster of super sub techstep. “Petrichor” features heady drums and atmospherics from the outset before a synth “alarm bell” delivers some No U-Turn-esque darkness. And last, but most certainly not least, is “Tyrant”…it’s just fucking mean.

Grab your digital copy via Beatport.

Oh, and to coincide with the release, Conduct have also produced an awesomely creepy horror video for the titular track, The Black Smoke.

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