Beats and Pieces Vol 20

Frederic Robinson – Mixed Signals – Blu Mar Ten MusicOUT NOW

Frederic Robinson’s first full length long player, Mixed Signals, on Blu Mar Ten Music has been hotly anticipated for some time. With previous releases “Theme Park/Off Topic” (BMT018) and “Bloom (feat Stray)/Shore” (BMT020) already making waves this years, the 21 year old German wunderkind, offers an amazing depth of off-kilter soul in his music. The album isn’t a dance record per se, it’s a collection of musical works that weaves in and out of various genres and arrangements. I’ve listened to the album all the way through three times and I still don’t know how to express what I’m feeling as I listen to it.

Umbra Series Vol 1 – Warm CommunicationsOut Now

In an interesting move, Warm Communications have begun releasing a series of tunes under the Umbra moniker. What makes this unusual? Well the producers and the titles of the tracks are kept anonymous and the only name given to them is Umbra and a numerical designation. From Warm Comm boss man Heath Looney, “Strictly the music on showcase without the attitudes or persona’s that come with it sometimes.”

Response – Surveillance/One Nation – Ingredients – Out October

Ingredients 037, Surveillance/One Nation, is the second of back to back releases from new-ish solo producer Response. The A side, Surveillance, is a weighty drum & bass dance floor tune getting heavy play from Fabio, among others. Meanwhile, One Nation, is a subtler slice of neurofunk with a big, phatty, reece bassline driving it.

Dominic Petrie – Tomorrow Now EP – Ingredients – Out November

Before today I was, admittedly, unfamiliar with Dominic Petrie’s work. Citing his love of mid-90s atmospheric drum & bass, Boards of Cananad, and Ninja Tune got me in the door, and hearing the tunes has turned me into a believer. The haunting, downtempo atmospherics of “Beyond The Wall Of Sleep” is magic, while “Riverside Blues” and “Soho” would be at home in the aforementioned atmo dnb sets of yesteryear. Wonderful music.

Gerwin Remixes – Soul Truth (Bungle Rmx)/Lying Portraits (Zero T Rmx) – IM:LTD – Out Oct 21

French label IM:LTD goes big on a couple of remixes of their home-grown producer Gerwin’s tunes by having Bungle and Zero T give them a solid workout. Bungle’s work on “Soul Truth” is a banger with a bassy liquid tune that kills the lowend of a dancefloor. Not to be outdone, Zero T, somehow manages a bit of duality with a heavy rolling backbeat, while maintaining the soul of the original with 2Shy’s vocals.

Jonny L – In A Jungle LP – Spearhead – Out Nov

Nothing need be said, it’s the return of the mighty Jonny L!!!

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