Camo and Krooked – Zeitgeist

I had the absolute worst case of the Monday blues today until I found Camo and Krooked had a new album out called Zeitgeist out on Hospital Records today.

There’s something for everyone on this record. “Ruhepuls” is a darker, stand out tune and of course you also have just solid, pure liquid funk sounds like those found in “Natural Desire”.  The duo also bring some light-hearted, funky bits like “Loving You is Easy” and “Move Around” which give a nod to the French house phenomenon. And if “Dreamcatcher” doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then likely nothing will.

This is one album you will want to listen to from start to finish. There will be no buying of one or two tracks. Get them all and listen to it all the way through.

This is drum and bass evolved, folks.

Pick it up from the Hospital Shop or on Itunes


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