Beats & Pieces Vol 19

I’m dispensing with any unnecessary intros this month and going straight in!

Claude VonStroke – Urban Animal LP – Dirtybird Records – Out 9/24/13

CVS and Dirtybird are going big again with his Urban Animal album. You can expect the bass-heavy house tunes that the crew are known for, with a little bit of drum & bass and downtempo mixed in for good measure. He already gave away “Dood” a few weeks ago, which is my favorite house track on the album, but to me the biggest track is “Oakland Rope” featuring Fox. It’s a stormer.

Xtrah – Lost Time EP – Symmetry Recordings – Out 9/30/13

The Lost Time EP by Xtrah is the 15th release on Break’s Symmetry Recordings and it’s a biggun. Featuring collaborations with Codebreaker, DRS, and Break it’s full of rollers. “Always New” with it’s half-time shuffle and flawlessly executed lyrical content by DRS is the stand-out track for me.

Fields – Colours/On Your Own – Utopia Music – Out Now

Field’s outstanding release on Utopia Music (UM014) should’ve been featured on the last B&P column from a few weeks ago, but was mistakenly left off. Now, however, we have to give it’s due, because it’s massive. “Colours” is a hardstep wobbler with a fatty sub-bass line running throughout which will make it big on the dancefloor. It’s been caned by the likes of Andy C, Teebee, Goldie, and Doc Scott so you know it’s massive. The flip, “On Your Own,” is a solid banger with a cheeky hip-hop sample that harkens back to the late 90s with a face melting combo of techstep and jump-up.

The Surus player is set to auto-play so click HERE to hear the audio.

Silent Dust – Sakharov/A Million Words Remix – None60 Records – Out Now

One of the benefits of running a blog is that you’re exposed to music from producers you never knew existed and are full of pleasant surprises. This week, that surprise is Silent Dust’s release on None60 Records. “Sakharov,” which was produced in conjunction with Altair, is a soothing piece of downtempo magic. Silent Dust’s “A Million Words” is a mellow hip-hop jam featuring vocal stylings by Zilla Rocca.

Oliver Yorke – Digital Native/Lose Yourself – Retrospective – Out 9/30/13

West London’s Oliver Yorke (which is about the most English name ever) is a classically trained pianist with a jones for drum & bass music. This is his second overall release and the first on the Italy’s Retrospective Recordings. “Digital Native” is a complex bit of drum work with a relentless tempo. The flip, “Lose Yourself,” is a neurofunk workout with an on-point “lose yourself” sample that carries the tune through the break.

Overlook – 31 Recordings – Out 09/30/13

Doc Scott’s 31 Recordings makes it’s triumphant return with a three track EP from Overlook. Overlook’s production continues the trend of “future beats” music that Doc’s made famous. All three tracks are moody and minimal with a hint of atmosphere layered throughout. The digital-only release “Street Spirit” is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a high profile release that’s been getting play all summer by some of the biggest folks in the game.

Studio Pressure (aka Photek!) – Presha XII/Borneo – Photek Productions – Out 10/13

It’s been 17 years since Photek released any tracks under his Studio Pressure alias and he comes back with a vocal drum & bass workout. You can hear hints of classic Photek drums running throughout and some sub-sub-bass handling the groove on Presha XII. Unfortunately I haven’t heard any audio clips of the flip, “Borneo,” but this release will be an instant-buy as soon as it drops.

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