Beats & Pieces Volume 18

As Wes is celebrating the delivery of the world’s newest junglist, I will be delivering the freshest Beats & Pieces and it is a nice one to say the least. Congrats to my brother Wes and his family. Let’s get started!

Survey – Away/Delirium – Protect Audio
Protect Audio’s latest release from the deep, dark depths of the techstep sound-scape comes in the form of Survey’s Away / Delirium single. Upholding the labels commitment to pitch black D&B which has sculpted releases since their launch last year, Survey bring their signature tense, hypnotic sound to the labels repertoire.
Survey is a rising name I have been able to hear and I am really feeling what this Berlin based duo is doing. Also peep their track on the Diffraction of Sound EP.

Survey is also giving away a free tune as well that you can get sorted with entitled Grid Sheet VIP.

Ad-Apt – Need Your Love Remixes – Spearhead Limited
Spearhead has been releasing some of our favorite tunes here at SB lately and this release is no exception. The original is a dubstep tune with a great vocal keeping things rolling along and not being overshadowed by the synth/bass work. This upcoming remix release sees Bcee and Cyantific coming forth with some straight up drum and bass dancefloor action. My interest was especially peaked seeing Cyantific stepping in for a remix and he comes through with flying colors. Cyantific comes out with heavy synth driven rerub that will be a crowd favorite. BCee comes a bit stripped down and adds more vocal but this doesnt take away from being a primtime killer on the decks.

V/A – Northern Lights EP – Nexgen Music
The Northern Lights EP is one of my most played releases at the moment simply due to the fact of the variety styles represented. It is very nice to hear drum and bass that goes into deeper musical territory and boundaries.
You can close your eyes and think of the GLR/LGR heydays and immediately hear the influence of Tayla, Seba, and others in this release. I bring these to the table to show that this is a QUALITY release and not a rip in the least of that sound. As I have said, I loved this release from Northern Lights kicking things off with a nice vocal roller to the stripped down technoid funk of Mario in Computer Hell. I could see that tune coming out on SB friends Warm Communications as well and was glad to see this come through and close out the release. My personal favorite is Physical Illusion and Sonny Crimea’s Something About Love. The rolling percussion, break work, and vocal just got me the first time it came through the monitors. The jazz vibes in Disco Inferno are absolutely on fire as well. I keep going back and forth on these 2 and which is the fave but I went with what I felt while writing this but I will prolly lean towards the live sound and fantastic guitar work of Disco Inferno afterwards. This release also signals a need to hear this type of Drum and Bass back in the clubs as well. Glad we are getting more music like this to support that push as well.

Thrash Pilot – Red Moon/Stampire – Killscreen

Thrash Pilot comes through with the second release on his new Killscreen Recordings.
Stampire definitely revives the late 90’s sound with the break work and scifi-ish samples sprinkled throughout the tune. The flip side Red Moon goes into a heavier spaced out sound of stripped down breaks and dripping atmosphere.

Matt McGowan-Guardian Angel/Catharsis-Deep Field Audio

Deep Field Audio has quietly snuck onto the scene with surprisingly excellent material and the third time is definitely a charm. Coming from the states via Phoenix, Matt McGowan had us all replaying this release a few times and smiling. Guardian Angel is absolutely a fantastic tune. From the nice string intro leading into the neuro bass getting sliced with the synth stab, this tune was a definite surprise but considering what Deep Field has released before we should have taken note. Catharsis takes us into a mix of drumfunk beats and then alternates into a serious roller of a tune. Matt McGowan will definitely get noticed with this release and I look forward to what he has coming forth in the coming year.

Skittles – In For Me (Remixes) – Estate Recordings

Skittles is a UK hip hop artist who has recently dropped this remix pack with the original being a collab with Dub Phizix. The Jubei is definitely aimed at the dancefloor and he comes correct and unleashes the drums coming hard as one would expect from one of the Metalheadz in house slayers. Need For Mirrors comes at a different angle but still deliver with the breaks bringing a staccato feel to the track. The release also includes a great mix from Manchester producers Metrodome and the original itself.

SR/Digbee/Dj Vapour – Twisted Love/Vlad The Impaler – 36 Hertz

I can honestly say that 36 Hertz definitely is one of the few labels around that blends the classic sounds and vibes of hardcore, jungle, and drum and bass into a modern spin. Everything I hear from them brings back all these vibes and feelings and each release moves strength to strength. Twisted Love has some string work some of you will recognize that are sample detectives but it then dives into heavier beat down with amens and chopper breaks going at it. DJ Vapour’s Vlad The Impaler on the flip does not let up either and just brought Digital and Spirit’s energy from the launch of Phantom Audio to mind. I love the Mentasm stabs and the tune just comes correct with drums. Fans of that sound will love this release.

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