Beats & Pieces Vol 17.5 – BCee Interview

I had a chance to talk to BCee about his latest album, Lost & Found, which is out August 25th, at all your fine dance music retailers.

Can you give us an introduction and a little background info about yourself and your label, Spearhead?

I have been Djing for 18 years! I started my first label in 2001 (Rubik Records) alongside Doug Kubiks and then went out on my own and founded Spearhead Records in 2005 with a mission to build a strong musical yet, dancefloor vibe to d&b.

Where did the label name originate?

God sent three people to me with the word ‘Spearhead’. It was heaven sent.

We’ve talked about the vinyl release of ‘Lost and Found” before, but can you give our readers a preview of what you want to convey with the tracks from full release?

Just good music with uplifting vibes.

You use a lot of vocals in your music, which we love around here (esp. Count The Stars w/ Lingby from Beat The System), but what’s the production process for the different artists you work with?

The process is usually that I come up with the instrumental and then send it out to the vocalist.

As a follow-up to that, do you write most of the lyrics or leave that to the artists you’re collaborating with?

I usually write some lines and ideas and then get the vocalist to build on that idea. There are a few that I’ve written most of the lyrics for and others where the vocalist has just gone with the instrumental and smashed it!

What sort of inspiration did you draw from for Lost and Found?

I spent several months collating samples and making sounds that had a good vibe before I started writing. The biggest event that happened was the death of a close friend just after I had started the LP. His tribute song is ‘Lost & Found’ but I have dedicated the entire project to him.

Do you have a favorite track on Lost and Found?

Yes, Lost & Found.

What other types of music have you been listening to lately? Are there other genres that influence your production?

My production has always been fairly influenced by early house and garage. My CD changer in the car currently has Daft Punk, Josh Record, Crowded House, Basement Jaxx and then early versions of Hybrid Minds and Jonny L’s forthcoming Spearhead albums.

If you could go back and tell yourself something around when you were recording Beat The System, what would you say?

Next weeks lottery numbers will be…

Is there a piece of music you’ve produced that you look back on and think “why did I do that?!?”

There is one collab that I wish I hadn’t bothered with but I don’t think that hardly anyone ever heard it. There are a couple of bits before I was ‘BCee’ that are pretty bad! It’s more the case that I listen back and think “how did I do that”.

What’s your favorite piece of music that you’ve ever produced?

One Year On

Any other big things happening with Spearhead we should know about?

Forthcoming albums from Hybrid Minds & Jonny L [Editor’s note: !!!!!!]. Singles from Need For Mirrors, Ad-Apt, CLS, LSB and more…

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

I’d set them against each other and take bets!

Many thanks to BCee and Spearhead for their time.

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