Beats & Pieces Vol 17

Let’s roll.

Seba – Shades of Me & You/Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix) – Warm Communications – Out August

Wow. Texas’ own Warm Communications have killed it (AGAIN!) with this release from Seba and remix duties provided by the mighty Blu Mar Ten. The a-side, “Shades of Me & You,” has and incredible depth of feeling with dueling male and female vocal samples. The BMT boys seem to mesh seamlessly with Seba and that might be because of years of familiarity. However there’s no contempt in this relationship with each adding their own sound to the others on numerous tunes. This time they work over Seba’s 2010 release (WARM017), “Never Let You Go.” This remix would be at-home on BMT’s smash album “Love Is The Devil,” but still stands on it’s own. It maintains the sweet vocal of the original while adding a heavier Reese-esque bass line edge. Lovin’ it!

Earth Leakage Trip – Authorized Leakage – NextGen Records – OUT NOW

This EP from English duo Earth Leakage Trip is pretty far afield from the fare we usually feature on SB. These guys aren’t new to the game however, with releases all the way back in 1992 on Moving Shadow and others. Authorized Leakage is a bit of Massive Attack trip-hop, mixed up with DMZ’s dubstep, and some forward-thinking future bass sprinkled in for good measure. It’s an interesting recipe, so make sure to listen to the preview below to get a little taste.

Jem One – The Bleep/Drop This – 36 Hertz – Out August 19th

I feel like I’ve been dropped into a darkwave jungle set circa 1993 because it’s a proper darkside jungle ting! There’s been a steady movement to the earlier hardcore sound of the 90s and Jem One, alongside 36 Hertz, seems to be at the forefront.

Break/Fields, Hydro, Mako, & Villem – Music is Better/Celestine – SymmetryOUT NOW

Whoa…another stormer from Break with the flip handled up on by the four-headed beast of Fields, Hydro, Mako, and Villem (they need to come up with a production name ala Bad Company, but for now they’ll be FHMV). “Music Is Better” reels you in with a slick soul sample before descending into Break’s classically heavy Bristol-born bass. It’s a dancefloor mover that’d kill it when mixed up with his previous smasher “Slow It Down.” Not to be out-done, the aforementioned FHMV, do what they do on “Celestine,” which containins deep sub-bass and fresh soundscapes that rolls out from start to finish.

Andy Skopes – True Chord Redux/True Human Emotion – UtopiaOUT NOW

We’re right back on a jungle tip with Andy Skopes latest release on Utopia Music. My favorite track on this week’s Beats & Pieces column “True Chord Redux” could’ve been released on Bukem’s Good Looking label in 1997 without missing a beat. For me, that’s very high praise since I hold no other label (except maybe ‘Headz) in higher esteem. “True Human Emotion” sounds like it’d be in line with the A-side, but this is darker atmosphere. It gives you a glimpse into the meaner side of human emotion, through a vocal sample of Michael Fassbender in Prometheus, and that can be threatening thing.

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