Beats & Pieces Vol 16

I’m pretty far behind on new music right now, but the impending birth of my son has, rightfully, eaten up all my time. So, without further ado…I have new joints from 36 Hertz, Spearhead, Blu Mar Ten Music, Mampi Swift, Symmetry, Migration, & CIA Recordings.

Spirant – Redshift/Alias Grace – Blu Mar Ten MusicOUT NOW

Blu Mar Ten have made a habit of finding these musical prodigies from around the globe. This time they’ve enlisted Spirant (who’s only 16!) to release BMT017, Redshift/Alias Grace. The A-side, Redshift, is a big percussive workout that the BMT boys have been caning for the last 6 months. Alias Grace lightens things up with an atmospheric drum & bass workout that’s at home in a mid-90s Bukem set.

Mampi Swift – Soldiers/Silence – Mampi Swift Recordings -OUT NOW

This is the first release on long-time jungle staple, Mampi Swift’s eponymous label. He’s gearing up for the release of his LP entitled “History” which will be catalog all the history of the sound from hardcore to jungle to drum & bass to future bass. This release, Soldiers/Silence, is a stormer on both sides. Big beats and bass that’s a great dancefloor weapon.

ESP – Spread Love EP – 36 Hertz RecordingsOUT NOW

ESP is digging back into the ravey days of dance music with this flip back in time. The original is a 140bpm workout while the remixes done by SR & Digbee, DJ Vapour, and Delphi respectively, give it their own unique stamp. The SR & Digbee version is a liquid funk summertime vibe, while Vapour goes with nu-skool hardcore, and Delphi give it a dnb rinse.

Jaybee – Watch Dis/Halleluja – 36 Hertz RecordingsOUT NOW

Another release by 36 Hertz (they and IM:LTD are the most prolific labels around!), this time it’s a single by Jaybee called Watch Dis/Halleluja. Watch Dis is all ragga jungle from first to last with a hyped up soundclash sample leading to a banging breakdown. Meanwhile the b-side, Halleluja, switches up to a deeper, lighter sound with a super deep sub throbbing throughout.

Break/Detail – Steamtrain/Days Go By – Symmetry Records – Out July 15th

Break and Detail combine their super powers to provide a track each on Break’s Symmetry Recordings (SYMM013). Detail’s Days Go By, featuring vocals by Tiiu, is a powerfully, ethereal haunter that’s at home in a sunrise set after a long night of debauchery. Break’s Steamtrain is, just as it’s name implies, a driven stomper that’ll smash the dance!

Anile – All This Time – CIA Deepkut – Out July 15th

Anile’s newest vocal rich effort on CIA’s sister label Deepkuts is my favorite this month. All This Time, featuring Hannah Eve, is a deep, sweet, clear-blue-skies afternoon roller. That Night recalls the longing you feel after a passionate evening with someone that has, or could potentially, change your life’s direction. Yea, it’s that deep.

BCee – Lost & Found Sampler – Spearhead Records – Out August 25th

Spearhead boss, BCee, is releasing a new LP this summer called Lost and Found that follows up on the critically acclaimed (and my fav album of 2012), Beat The System. These four tracks that comprise the early vinyl version of the album with a full-length CD version due out sometime in the fall. It’s a tantalizing taste of the album, but with the vinyl version you get a bit of the more dancefloor oriented cuts. It features a wicked collab with Bladerunner and vocal work by Rocky Nti and David Boomah on separate tracks. Check out the mini mix below to get a taste of it!

Rob Sparx – Babylonian EP – Migration RecordsOUT NOW

We’re gearing down from the 140+ BPM range to dig into something on a more dub, dancehall, and dubstep style from Rob Sparx via US-based Nex Gen Music Group. Symbiz Sound is serious clash business that’ll cause “soundboys to flee!” Look is 8bit dubstep that cycles up into a bit of classic reggae. Prayer For Life is a borderline garage/grime stepper, while Dubstitutes handles the production on Fall of Babylon featuring the classic Rockers “For I & I know that all of the youth shall witness the day that Babylon shall fall!” quote.

Thrashpilot – Calisthenics/Firewalker – Killscreen – Out July 15th

You might think that Thrashpilot is the name of a series of street skateboarding videos from the 90s, but no, he’s a drum & bass producer out of north end of the UK. This is his first drum & bass release since hanging up his headphones a few years ago and he’s come back with a Renegade Hardware-esque killer. Calisthenics is a modern take on the early 00’s hardstep sound with a staccato beat backing dark noise. Firewalker has a bit of a “Platinum Breaks” influence rolling through it.

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