Beats & Pieces Vol 15

Adrian Sciencia aka The Katalyst here, I got some choice bits for you in the Beats and Pieces this go round.

Direct Motion – Those That Lead/Part of Me – Diffrent MusicOUT NOW

We will kick off this segment with a release from Direct Motion courtesy of the Diffrent Music out of London. The A side “Those That Lead” is a pulsating deep cut that brings out the vibes of Amit, but it is *not* a rip in any sense. Vocal samples from Spock highlight a deep and driving rhythm throughout. The flip side “Part of Me” goes even deeper but with a bit of dancehall flavor. Its a different vibe altogether but is still a roller, for the smokers out there, who like to get in it. I am definitely feeling it. The Diffrent Music collective has a nice selection of music and podcasts available, so do yourself a favor and check them out.

Ed:It/Mikal – Cargo Dub (Total Science Rmx)/Kick Back-OUT NOW

Next up is the 3rd release from Rooted Recordings. Cargo Dub gets the rework from one of the legendary production duo, Total Science. Cargo Dub gets rolling and just takes the vibes on a nice deep sub workout with horn stabs bouncing in between some head bobbin breaks. It’s a great tune to get everyone loose in the club. On the B side we got one of my favorite producers in the game, and freshly minted member of Metalheadz, Mikal coming through with “Kick Back.” Mikal heads to the technical side of sound with some tight edits and break work weaved through some synth stab interplay. There is definitely that Headz’ vibe going into this one. It is definitely a cut that leads up to a primetime smashdown that a lot of DJs like to get the crowd going. Nice atmospherics work the beats into a definite steppa for the floor. Choice.

DJ Vapour/Skink/SR & Digbee/Jem One – The Not So Future Jungle EP – Out July 1

Since the rise of dubstep, and other such genres, to the forefront of dance music, has quite a few of the genres biggest producers including tracks that allude to the golden age of hardcore and on into jungle. To go along with that push, there is a new release on DJ Vapour’s 36 Hertz”>label that is sure that satisfies that jungle itch and gets people enjoying the sound that inspired the music we love. “Not So Future Jungle” is a 4 track EP that includes tunes from DJ Vapour, Skink, SR & Digbee, and Jem One. I have been listened to the release several times and I love all of the tunes. I even had to break out my Reinforced, R&S, XL, and This is 140BPM stuff to seriously get my “warehouse” vibe going! It takes me back to my first exposure to this music and how magic it was (and is!). I gotta say Jem One’s “Bullet to the Head” is an absolute stormer!! The breakdown into the stabs just sets it off! BIG! Vapour’s “Never Feel” is another favorite of mine. Every track on this EP is quality and just proper biz. I am glad to hear a fresh take on the classic stuff and I have to say buy this on site. It will not disappoint.

Click here for previews.

Steel Grooves – Funk Monk/Revenge – Sonic Convergence – Out July 15

To close out this edition of Beats and Pieces we are going to go to the genre that spawned it all, techno. Our friends at Sonic Convergence have a new release from Steel Grooves, called the “Funk Monk EP.” The eponymous “Funk Monk” basks in the metallic thump thump, while “Revenge” absorbs some dark atmosphere then dishes it out to the listener. Either way you’re not going to go wrong. I am really digging the heavier funky vibes of “Revenge,” but it is a quality release on both ends. SC also has a remix EP coming soon with a lot of respectable names handling re-working duties and it’s one I look forward to hearing.

Rawtekk – Sprouted & Formed LP – Med School – Out July 8

German duo, Rawtekk, are releasing their debut album, “Sprouted & Formed” on Hospital Records junior imprint Med School Music. Med School tends to direct the label to the more “left-field” fare, but to me Rawtekk’s release fits just about anywhere. The EP’s name, “Sprouted & Formed” is the perfect title for the release since it shows a depth you rarely see from new-ish producers. I say new-ish because even though they aren’t quite household names they’ve had previous releases on Med Shool (2011’s “Snowflakes”) and Noisia’s Division label. Favorites on “Sprouted & Formed” include the first track, “A Magnanimous Kind’s Will,” the aggressive (and hilariously titled) “To Be A Space Monkey,” the darker hip-hop vibe of “Working Man,” and the sublime ambiance of “Ventricle.”

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