Pushing Red Mix for Shadowboxing

Pushing Red and Warm Communications label boss (and fellow Texan), EHL, has knocked together an exclusive mixed genre set for Shadowboxing. We also had a quick chat about the impetus of Pushing Red and how he goes about acquiring these tunes.

You’ve long been a part of the DnB scene, but what was the genesis of Pushing Red?

Just to do something different outside of dnb. I always love new projects and staying busy with music, so it seemed fitting to start another outlet and put a footprint in other places. I’ve always loved techno & electronica going back to the early nineties, so this new challenge was very exciting.

You’ve pushed a lot of material in a short amount of time, were you amassing these tracks over the last few years or did you sign and release them very quickly?

No I wasn’t building them over time. I don’t like signing a bunch of material upfront. It makes me super uncomfortable sitting on a bunch of releases. It’s not fair to the artists cause there are so many situations that can slow the manufacturing process down. Then your sat on a bunch of music and people usually start getting impatient(and rightly so). So it’s better to just avoid that at all costs. i usually sign a couple things at once and build from there.

A lot of the material is released by folks known primarily for work in other genres. How did you convince them to produce these types of tracks or did you even have to convince them?

Yeah it’s about half & half. There’s some artists that I only know through their music in one specific genre and was a fan before Pushing Red was born. Others I knew through drum & bass and relationships being built through Warm Communications. So, it’s basically just searching artists i’m a fan of and finding the right fits for Pushing Red. Everyone has been lovely to work with. Have had some hiccups and delays on red, but anymore these days that is guaranteed to happen. It’s part of starting a new imprint and building from there, even when you have experience

What can we expect moving forward?

Never trying to give away too much, i’ll just say more vinyl, digital and special project releases 😉

Many thanks to EHL for his time and the mix!

1. Raime – If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are – [Blackest Ever Black]
2. The Haxan Cloak – Hounfour (Temple) – [Aurora Borealis]
3. Stickman – Oceans of TIme – [Unreleased]
4. ASC – Argon – [Unreleased]
5. ASC – Confined Spaces – [Unreleased]
6. Sigha – Untitled #2 – [Hotflush]
7. Eleven8 – Kept – [Unreleased]
8. Unknown – Unknown
9. Unknown – Unknown
10. Martsman – NYCD – [Pushing Red]
11. Object – Shuttered – [Bleep]
12. Martsman – Sing Sing – [Unreleased]
13. Akkord – Surge – [Electronic Explorations]
14. Pev & Kowton – Junked – [Hessle Audio]
15. Bandshell – Landfill – [Liberation Technologies]
16. Kowton & Bashmore – And What? – [Broadwalk]
17. Pev & Hodge – Bells (Dream Sequence) – [Punch Drunk]

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