Beats & Pieces Vol 13.5

Immediately after my last B&P post I received even more new music to share, so here’s volume 13.5.

Motta & mSdoS / Paul SG – Dots / Electric – Good Looking Records – Out May 20th

I’m really glad to see GLR get into the digital age and a standard release schedule. They’ve spent years sitting on great tunes and to see them finally released is refreshing. Vets of the DnB scene, mSdoS, Motta, and Paul SG do the honors. Both tracks are more in the liquid funk vein with jazzy fills and fit right into the GLR mold of instrumentally driven drum&bass.

Chroma – Intermission/Knock Knock – CIA – Out May 20th

The trio known as Chroma (aka Phobia, Sato, & Tyrone Chroma) have already released a multitude of tracks on Commercial Suicide, Critical, Symmetry, Renegegade Hardware, and Hospital’s Med School. CIA picks up “Intermission” and “Knock Knock” which are thunderous stormers and both have been getting play from Friction, Hype, and Andy C so you know they’re big.

Sunchase/Detail – Nathnennia/Green Rain – Utopia Music – Out May 17th

I’ve mentioned Sunchase many times in my B&P posts because he just keeps pushing out great music. This time he’s going with a much more minimal 170bpm vibe with futuristic piano and ambiance. The flip side by Detail, “Green Rain,” is a much darker track with a Blade Runner-like atmosphere that straddles the border between jump-up and dark techstep with a nasty bassline and amen breakdown.

Frameworks – Old Friend EP – First Word Records – Out June 3rd

This EP is a bit of a departure from what we normally hear around these parts, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. Here’s what I know…Frameworks is producer & multi-instrumentalist Matt Brewer and this is his second EP on First Word Records. His sound is reminiscent of Bonobo and Cenematic Orchestra with live instrumentation and a consistent, melodic backbeat. The title track, “Old Friend,” has a video and a lead vocalist in JP Cooper.

Alix Perez – Chroma Chords – Shogun Audio – Out May 20th

Alix Perez is releasing a new album on Shogun Audio on May 20th…what the hell else do you need to know? It’s Alix Freakin Perez!

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