Beats & Pieces Vol 13

A list of new releases you need to know about…

BCee – Our Time/Make You Mine – Spearhead RecordsOut Now

When this landed in my inbox late last week I was stoked. BCee is one of my favorite producers that most people in these parts don’t know anything about and that’s a damn shame. His 2011 album, Beat The System, was my favorite of that year (narrowly beating out Blu Mar Ten’s “Love Is The Devil”) and is still on steady, auditory rotation. His remix of Blu Mar Ten’s “Blind Soul” was also in my top tunes of 2012. Despite a ton of remix work, this is the first original tune he’s released since “Beat The System.”

Kuantum – Wasteland EP – IM:LTd – Out Now

I’ve, admittedly, never thought much of dubstep. While I hold many of the producers in high regard, I think a majority of the genre has devolved due to the ridiculous influence of Skrillex, Rusko, and the rest of the brostep glitterati. Thankfully, this release from Kuantum, and the very busy folks at IM:LTd, is so far away from that it’s refreshing. Kuantum’s EP is cerebral, 140 BPM bass music that belongs next to the accomplished fare from Mala and Kryptic Minds. If this is the future of dubstep, then I might have to re-think my prejudices.

Stray – Ginseng Smash/Akina – Modulations – Out May 17th, 2013

Stray’s newest release on the Modulations imprint (a Critical Music sub-label) manages at once to harken back to old school jump-up and into newer, trap-ish bass music with “Ginseng Smash/Akina.” The aforementioned jump-up comes in the form of “Ginseng Smash” with it’s “gingerbread man” sample coming from De La Soul’s Rock Co.Kane Flow track. It’s big time frenetic and belongs in a devastating dancefloor set. “Akina” is more experimental, but falls into trap and electro with a hyperactive vocal.

Flowex – Pocustone – Out Now on Bandcamp

This album dropped in my inbox rather unexpectedly over the weekend. It’s by a musician from Prague named Tomáš Dvořák aka Flowex. I’ve listened to it three times since I got it and it’s been turning around in my head over and over. Apparently Mr. Dvořák is a clarinetist and composer that also does many soundtracks, but this is his first full length since 2001. The album is a mixture of jazz, ambient, and classical. Think Bonobo meets Brian Eno…

Sorry there’s no preview, but you can listen to all the tracks on his BANDCAMP SITE

floex - pocustone CD cover

Royal-T – I Know You Want Me EP – Rinse Recordings – Out May 20th

Grime, and UK Garage for that matter, have made a pretty big comeback after it’s transformation into dubstep and Royal-T has been at the forefront of the re-emergence. This four track EP is all grime and contains some serious bounce. The title track, “I Know You Want Me,” is the highlight of the EP for me because it harkens back to a time when a tune only needed a solid hook and heavy bassline to be good.

Thing – Renew/Outer Lands – Blu Mar Ten Music – Out May 27th

Another strong release, this time with Estonia’s Thing, from the Blu Mar Ten boys. If the last couple of releases, by Queensway and delPurr/Eraser, could be considered ethereal then Thing changes things up with a bit of brooding and menace. “Renew” defies it’s name and removes any notion of new beginnings. It rolls out with a deep sub bassline almost immediately. “Outer Lands” is like a trip to the Forbidden Zone that descends into a deep roller.

Kill Frenzy – Errybody Like It EP – Food Music – Out Now

I’ve posted a ton of Kill Frenzy lately, which is a good thing because he’s pumping out tons of good bass/tech house. This three track EP feature two originals in “Errrybody” and “I Like It” along with remixes by Shadow Child/Tom Flynn, and B-Ju (which was given away free last week).

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