Dara – Live @ Buzz 1998

Found this will browsing Facebook earlier and thought it was worth a share.

Recorded live at Buzz in Washington DC in 1998. The theme of the night was DJs playing a genre they weren’t known for, so I played oldskool techno on the main floor and Scott Henry played DnB in the other room. It was fun, although it was a little nerve-wracking playing the main floor at Buzz for the first time, especially since I was playing a genre I didn’t play regularly. It was a fun night nonetheless.


Ecstacy Club – Jesus Loves The Acid – Swordfish
Night Tripper – Subconscious – ESP
Phuture – Rise From Your Grave (remix) – R&S
Tomahawk – Rave Africa – Shockwave
Spawn – Tension – Probe
Tomahawk – Power Move – Shockwave
UR – Riot – UR
Ceejay Bolland – Get Busy Time – R&S
Sonic Solution – Beatstime – R&S
Red Shift – Showdown – Pro-One
Onslaught – Decision 1 – Hardwax
Cleptomaniacs – Positive Feedback – Ffrreedom
Mark NRG – Don’t Stop – Overdrive
?? (rabbit city maybe??)
Illuminatae – Tremora Del Terra – XVX

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