Beats & Pieces Vol 12: Calibre – Spill LP

I had the chance to speak with Dominick Martin aka Calibre about his upcoming album project, Spill.

Can you give us some of the album’s details for those that might be in the dark about it? What’s it called, when is the release date and will it be released on Signature?

The LP will be called “Spill” and is released on the 20th of May on Signature Records, I have drawn the cover again and feature heavily as a vocalist.


Can we expect a full tour to promote the album’s release?

I’m still thinking about the tour thing, over the years I have avoided that as I’m writing prolifically, feels like you should always be on tour sometimes.

When we last spoke, you’d mentioned that you had three separate album projects in the pipeline so this must the first of those three?

Yes, this is the first of the 3 albums, although this one is actually 2nd in completion, I moved my Valentia LP back to facilitate the DnB LP,

I think it may be the last time I do a conventional DnB LP as I’d like to try a more abstract approach for the next one, so it’s a pretty straight up representation of a form I have been writing for over 10 years.

Is there a theme or something you want to convey with “Spill?”

I suppose I want to convey a sense of romance mixed with a soulful dance floor, something that I have sought as a DJ, I’m not sure it works that way anymore.

Any collaborations this time around? DRS again? You guys really work well together.

The collab thing is a bit different this time, “Spill” will be featuring an artist from Manchester called Chimpo, a lovely big fella with a unique sound, and Steo (a Dubliner, with a voice of an angel) but most vocals on there are mine. I do plan to do some more work with DRS but that’s another one for the future,

You’re a prolific producer…do you feel you have making drum & bass down to a science, so to speak?

As far as DnB goes as a science…I guess I try to do something that allows me to work quickly and as a music form it works well for this, I notice how many DnB producers are able to live in other genres effortlessly, even effect them and still I think we are considered not up to the REAL music standard…I need my breakfast I’m feeling a bit grumpy.

Is the glass half full or half empty for you right now?

The glass right now is half full but I change to empty now and again…

Anything else you want folks to know about you that they might not already know?

After this will be Valentia—-not DNB! Then I’ll be putting out Shelflife 3, a collection of unreleased tracks and also look out for various remixes and single releases on various labels.

Many thanks to Calibre for taking time out to speak to us. As a little bonus, here’s a recent promotional mix he did for his FabricLive 68 mix.

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