Beats & Pieces Vol 11

Whew, got a whole slew of new tunes that are worth your attention, so let’s dive in!

**I also wasn’t paying attention to my own numbering and missed B&P #10. Oh well, carry on.

soulTec/Arp-1 & MJT – A Need In Me/Last Call – Good Looking – Out Now

LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking label was dormant for far too long. Now that they’ve broken through the digital divide and have sold their back catalog online, they’re pushing out new releases by the bucket load. This was released on limited release white vinyl and as a digital download so hop to it and grab these deep rollers. While you’re at it make sure to give LTJ’s April Top Ten a listen for future releases.

The Upbeats – Primitive Technique LP – Vision Recordings – Out April 29th, 2013 (Pre-order now)


Hibea – White Owl/The Form – IM:Ltd – Out April 29th, 2013

Another strong release from Paris’ best drum & bass label, IM:Ltd. The Ukraine’s Hibea offers up two originals in “White Owl” and “The Form,” while Fade handles up on the remix work for “White Owl” and Phil Tangent works out “The Form.” The original of White Owl is all sub-bass and kick snares while the remix straddles the line on a proper jungle tune with it’s reece bass. The Form’s build-up drops you on your head at the break. Phil Tangent’s remix is a more subdued affair, but just as heavy.

Chris Octane – Synthetics/Gaia’s Dub – CO:RE Recordings – Out May 6th, 2013

Chris Octane, formerly of Octane & DLR, has broken away to pursue his own musical boundaries and as a part of that he’s started his new label CO:RE. “Synthetics” starts out with an ominous vocal sample about shaking “the foundations of knowledge” before heading into a nasty bass workout. “Gaia’s Dub” is a bit more downtempo and experimental, but not any less of a tune, because it layers so many soundfields together.

A Diffraction of Sound EP – Project Audio Recordings – Out April 29th, 2013

Project Audio debuted in June of 2012 and have been committed to showcasing contemporary drum and bass with a focus on the deeper and more tech influenced side of the spectrum. The four track, Diffraction of Sound EP includes tunes from relative newcomers Marukomu, Shiver, Homemade Weapons (great name & my fav tune on the EP), and Survey.

Martsman – Shrank/NYCD – Pushing Red – Out May 2013

My favorite techno-ish label, Pushing Red, does it again with a very strong “quirkstep” release from Berlin’s Martsman. Like previous releases from ASC and Consequence, Martsman got his start in the drum & bass scene, which is still his primary passion, but he’s stepped away to produce these unique tracks. “Shrank” builds with a slight 4/4 shuffled clap and a melodic, almost house-y, backing sample before going all in with a distinctly bass-music sub. “NYCD” is more on the minimal tip, but is right at home in an uptempo bass music set or next to a Burial track.

Pattern – Draft/Draft (AnD Remix) – Re:Alignment – Out May 5th, 2013

I admittedly know next-to-nothing about Pattern, AnD, or Re:Alignment (Alignment Records sub-label), but I have to admit I’m impressed! The original version of “Draft” has a sublime break throughout with just enough darkness blended into it. AnD’s remix of “Draft” removes any of the sublime feelings and goes straight for the throat with a very hard 4/4 kick, which borders on industrial techno. Me likey!

Sinistarr – Gaiden/I Am Not Invicible – None60 Recordings – Out May 20th, 2013

Detroit native Sinnistarr has always pushed boundaries with his music. He has a multitude of drum & bass releases on various labels and his deconstruction of the talent-less Rick Ross on “Ross” was as unique as it was innovative. This time he makes his debut on Silent Dust’s new label None60. “I Am Not Invincible” is a very reflective, hybrid sound with lots of varied elements and haunting vocals that you might make after a tough breakup. “Gaiden” is, to me, unclassifiable…it’s 8bit glory, it’s trap, it’s juke, it’s drum & bass…it’s good.

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