An Introduction and Hello to Everyone

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from Vacant Planets everyone. I am Adrian Scientia also known in DNB circles as The Katalyst. I have been involved in DNB for a long time now and was apart of getting the Texas DNB scene to worldwide respect with help from my fellow SB allies as well as the extended crews in Houston and Austin. Shouts to Purrin Lion, Protoculture, Afterdark(RIP), Grommits, Twist 1, and everyone down south.
I am proud to be apart of the Shadowboxing family and I hope to bring you guys plenty of music to dig into and enjoy. Wes, Bill, and Mikey have done fantastic and we only hope to grow.

I also run Scientia Recordings which is not to be confused with the Scientia that is the UK recently. I started the label in 2000 and we had several releases before going on hiatus until now. We will be releasing new material this year and helping to get new names out to the masses.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line and kick a shout.

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