Free Tune Round-up!

Gather round for the freebies! Some of these tracks are great, some are okay, some are illegal bootlegs, and a few are just silly. Go forth and download!

Med School Music alum, Royalston, has released a freebie for his upcoming release on Black Acres Recordings. To get the free track you have to like them on Facebook.

Here’s some freebie dubstep from LeDoom and Play Me Records. Be sure to like LeDoom on Facebook to download the entire EP from Play Me.

Another freebie from Play Me Records, this time some glitch by Baratone. Click HERE to download the track.

I’ve linked a few of these tracks over the last year, but Illskillz (formerly the duo of D.Kay & Rawfull, but now just Rawfull) keeps updating the freebies. He’s now doing a full spectrum of production from drum&bass to house to bass music so there’s a little something for everyone. Listen through the tracks below and click on each one to get the download link.

This edit was done as a joke by Blu Mar Ten, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t kinda work (I feel dirty for having written that). It’s BMT’s Five Summers with Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together…

My favorite Japanese producer, Makoto, has knocked out a bootleg of Snow Patrol’s Fallen Empires last month.

Here are four freebie house house bangers from South Soul Project. Be sure to click on each track separately to get the little download button.

Who doesn’t love Phil Collins? Well Jo-S has done a dubstep bootleg of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight. Fun fact: Phil Collins is the owner of the largest Texas Revolutionary War and Battle of the Alamo collection in the world. How a Brit fell in love with the Alamo and Texas is beyond me, but big up for it! DOWNLOAD LINK.

This track by Amalia and Onra could be a dancefloor killer for the hipster crowd with it’s 80’s synth-pop, Pointer Sisters vibe.

Eton Messy linked this UK Garage freebie from Blonde called I Loved You. Like them on Facebook to get the track.

Vancouver’s producer/vocalist Ill-esha does a bootleg trap remix of Big Boi’s Lines. This is another download that requires a like on Facebook.

Denver-based Detroit native, Sinnistarr does up a drum&bass remix of J-Dilla’s King. Click the buy button to get the track.

Gridlok has killed it on a remix of Dom & Roland’s Flux. DARK!

Conduct crafts a very chill ambient glitch remix for Bachelors of Science’s Lost Inside. It’s yet another like on Facebook to get the track.

Here’s a jump-up track by Dubbage called Pot Party.

P-Money’s hip-hop tune, Welcome to America, featuring Skyzoo and Havoc is available for free HERE.

Steady State by drum & bass production crew, Fourward.

Soul Intent drops the Organic remix of their track Orbit.

Loadstar gave this away a few weeks ago…it’s Drowning (no, not the Cleveland Lounge/AK1200 track).

Old school junglists, Drumsound and Bassline Smith gave away Back to the Future via a few weeks ago. As the name implies it carries you back to the halcyon days of the early 90s with it’s build-up before dropping you on your head in the 00s with the break.

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