Beats & Pieces Vol 7: Seba – Identity

album cover

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to have Seba‘s new album, Identity, land in my inbox. Since then I’ve wrestled with how exactly to talk about the album, Seba himself, and the immense respect I have for him as an artist.

After multiple listens to each track I started to take notes about how my three favorite tracks, “Nothing Can Replace,” “Madness” (which was released a year ago on Secret Operations) and “Too Much Too Soon,” really make the album spectacular by themselves. Then I wrote that “Balance of Power” reminds me of the movie Blade Runner with it’s Vangelis-like synth and horn sounds. After that it was copy points regarding “Could This Be Love’s” deep house influence and how “Midas” would fit into any modern techno or tech house DJ set.

In the end none of what I’d written mattered one damn bit. The reality is that I’ve listened to this album 10 times in the past two days. It’s far and away the best album I’ve heard this year and you should buy it…End of story.

Seba – Identity was due out in January, it’s been pushed back to February March and will be available via all major digital music retailers.

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