Deep Field Audio – Double Helix – Wellenkammer/Delusion

Austrian drum & bass label, Deep Field Audio, just released a neurofunk hammer from newcomer Double Helix called Wellenkammer/Delusion (DFA001). Both tracks stand on their own merits as solid releases, but they do evoke memories of Ed Rush & Optical, Noisia, and The Upbeats with the menace that their music elicits. The accompanying podcast (also by Double Helix) proves the releases’ worth because it fits seamlessly with two of the aforementioned production teams in the mix.

Give it a listen and purchase Wellenkammer/Delusion here.

1. Double Helix – Untitled (Deep Field Audio, dub)
2. Maztek – Crawler (Sinuous)
3. Mefjus & M-Force – Struggle & Pain ft. Maksim (Breed 12 Inches)
4. Phace & Misanthrop – Progression (Neosignal)
5. Double Helix – Delusion (Deep Field Audio)
6. Enei & Kasra – So Real (Mefjus Remix) (Critical)
7. Double Helix – Wellenkammer (Deep Field Audio)
8. Rockwell – Constcomplexrhythmicsound (Shogun Audio)
9. Andy Pain, Z Connection – Bonesnatcher (Extent)
10. Hybris – Agent (Subtitles)
11. Noisia & The Upbeats – Blindfold (Vision)
12. Audio – Headroom (Virus)
13. CruK – Punisher (Ammunition)
14. Noisia – Traction Control (Division)
15. Two Fingers – Sweden (Big Dada)
16. Phace & Misanthrop – What’s Wrong (Neosignal)
17. Octane & DLR – Turn Over The Page (Dispatch)
18. Eskamon – Fine Objects (Double Helix Remix)

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