Beats & Pieces Vol 6

Three quick bits for this week.

ASC – Proton/Electron – Pushing Red – RED011
ASC dropped his second techno release yesterday on Warm Communications’ sister label, Pushing Red. ASC has long been a staple in the drum & bass scene, but recently he’s been releasing more non-drum&bass tracks on various labels. Both of these Detroit-inspired techno tunes, with the trademark bleeps and clever basslines of ASC’s production, hit the mark again.

Buy Proton/Electron here.

Stray & Frederic Robinson – When It Rains/Thumbprint – BMTM013
Wow. This release is a total mindfuck from Blu Mar Ten Music. Stray is well known for his deep, delicate production work and these tracks fall right in line with that modus operandi. For the neurotically staccato inspired “Thumprint,” Stray and Austria’s Frederic Robinson sequestered themselves in a London studio for four sleepless days/nights while “When It Rains” is a abstract, rhodes inspired ambient haunter.

Buy When It Rains/Thumprint here.

and last but not least…

Dirtybird Players Compilation and Sampler – DBO85 & 86
I love bass and one of my major sticking points with a lot of house music is the lack of really deep, defining lows. After hunting around for more bass-inspired house music, a few of my house music friends turned me onto Dirtybird Records. They’ve really bridged that gap for me and I’ve fallen in love with the amalgamation of house and bass in their music (I think it helps that both Claude Von Stroke & Justin Marin are old junglists).

Following up on the smash remix album of Justin Martin’s “Ghettos & Gardens” (which featured an unreal jungle remix of Riding Spaceships by Shadow Child!) comes the Dirtybird Players Sampler. It features three super funky, bass heavy tunes from Cause & Effect, Worthy, and Justin Jay.

Buy the Dirtybird Players Sampler here.

The full compilation isn’t due out until March 13th, but there are already previews of the tracks floating around out there.

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