Beats & Pieces Vol 5

**Editor’s Note: I find that trying to describe music through text alone to be inadequate and limiting. To get a proper sense of a song I usually want to hear it fully. So, when I write these Beats & Pieces previews I try to stick to the need-to-know basics and let the audio do the talking. This allows you, the reader, to make your own appropriate connections to the music. Unfortunately there isn’t always an available audio preview so music descriptions will have to suffice until one is available. Thank you for reading.**

It’s a new year and that means loads of new tunes will be dropping in the next few months.

dBridge’s label Exit Records are about to release Dub Phizix & Skittles smasher “I’m A Creator” on the 25th of January. You can click HERE to pre-order and hear the tune.

Marcus Intalex’s Soul:R label has been pumping out tons of tunes the last three months. Following up releases by Lynx and Phil Tangent, comes this doozy by Brizilian artist Bungle. Astral Travel & Aura will drop on January 20th. Loving the easy vibe on Astral Travel. Reminds me of early atmospheric drum&bass.

French label IM:LTD is releasing their second EP in the last few months with Junction. Featured are Es.tereo, Kantyze, Mortem, Quartz, Gerwin, Atmospherix, and S-Vb. The EP features all sorts of flavors from the darkness of Es.tereo’s Junction 12 to the dancefloor roller of Quartz’ Amour King.

Admittedly this is the first I’m hearing of Arkaik, who is releasing an EP on Different Music, entitled Cutting Edge. Just hearing the preview of the tunes has made me an instant fan. I love the moody darkness of Cutting Edge and the vocal work by MCXL makes Game Changer a stormer. The release information says this will be out on February 4th.

Finally we have a new release by the criminally underrated Mikal on Utopia Music, Spirit/The Chant (Rido Remix) due out in February. Since I don’t have an audio preview I can share you’ll have to make due with what’s being said about it: “…sounds like one of the big early Metalheadz tunes…eerie synths & cruncing bass action.” Rido’s remix of The Chant adds a ton of “extra bass and soft but weighty bass.” As soon as I get an audio preview of this release I’ll update the post.

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