Velocity – SoundDrug Calling

Velocity of Human Elements Digital (Makoto’s label) has dropped a mix to promote his upcoming gig in Tokyo. Obviously making it there for the gig is out of the question for a lot of us, but at least we get a chance to listen to the tunes he might play.

Track List
01. Tidal – Carbon Snow
02. Malaky – Sleepless
03. Need For Mirros & Edward Oberon – Limits of Control
04. Technicolour & Komatic – Vermillion feat. Jayma (Random Movement Remix)
05. BrokenDrum & Kasper – Don’t Know Why
06. Malaky – LateNights
07. Switch – How Could You
08. Velocity – Let It Goes
09. Random Movement & Jaybee – Untitled
10. Velocity & Key – Secrets
11. Malaky – Keeping On
12. MJT – Silent Echoes
13. Velocity – Lunar Prospector
14. Random Movement – All Wrong
15. Heavy1 feat. Iriann Joyce – Light Upon My Road (Makoto Remix)

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