El Hornet – Konflic Tribute Mix

A full hour of non-stop Konflict tunes mixed on vinyl by El Hornet? Yes please!

1. Bulletproof ‘The Nephilim’ (Kemal and Rob Data Remix)
2. Phuncktecks UFO ‘My Personal Blackmail’ (Konflicts Negative Remix)
3. Kemal ‘Plan B’
4. Karl K ‘Synapose’ (Konflict remix)
5. Deeper Realms Vol 1
(Was never given an artwork release with track names, but discogs tells me A side is called ‘Obsidian’ and B side is called ‘Pendulum’. How bout that.)
6. Konflict ‘Beckoning’
7. Kemal & Paul Reset ‘Kontempt’
8. Stakka and Skynet feat. Kemal and Rob Data ‘Biosphere’
9. Kemal and Rob Data ‘The Mummy’
10. State Of Play ‘Poor Mans Deal’ (Konflict Remix)
11. Konflict ‘Phobia’
12. Moth ‘Sugar Crashing’Â (Konflict Remix)
13. Kemal and Rob Data ‘Konspiracy’
14. Faith In Chaos ‘Posession’Â (Kemal and Rob Data remix)
15. Dom and Roland ‘Imagination’Â (Kemal and Rob Data remix)
16. Pressure Rise ‘No More Rain’Â (Kemal and Rob Data remix)
17. Kemal and Rob Data ‘The Encrypter’
18. NAAB ‘Tamghra Nochen’ (Kemal and Dresden Codex remix)
19. Kemal ‘Anthem’

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