Beats & Pieces Vol 4

Here we go again with another list of releases you should know about…

The next big release on Blu Mar Ten Music is Ed:it’s EP featuring “Repercussions” with Aldo, “Echo”, and the stormer “Shutter.” It was released on December 3rd via all major digital outlets.

Seba’s forthcoming LP on Secret Operations is due out later this month, but the sampler for the LP featuring “Say You Love Me/Too Much Too Soon” feat. Jinder will be dropped on December 17th. Both tunes are getting heavy play by Marky, A-Sides, and Marcus Intalex. I’ve professed my totally platonic man-love for Seba before and these releases live up to that hype.

To go along with Lynx’s release on Warm Communications last month, he’s also dropping a new joint on Marcus Intalex’s Soul:R label. “Balloons/Passing Time” are two tracks that are right at home on the Soul:R label. I don’t have a preview for Passing Time, which is a shame because it’s an intensely atmospheric track that deserves some attention.

Not to be out-done, but Phil Tangent also dropped his new release on Soul:R with “Restitution/Squaring The Circle” today!

Last, but not least, French label IM:Ltd dropped their Purple Sky compilation EP way back in October, but I’m just getting to it unfortunately. It features tunes from Es.tereo, Nuage, Gerwin, and Atmospherix adding new beats on the dark and light side of the drum&bass spectrum.

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