Beats & Pieces Vol 3 – Lynx, Ruffhouse, & Intalex!

There are some new drum&bass releases that you need to know about…

Marcus Intalex – Cabal/Mud – Released today – Ingredients Records

Ingredients Records continues its run of huge releases with this new single by legend Marcus Intalex. Well known for his hand in various drum and bass classics and the running of his own imprint Soul:R, Intalex is a massive introduction to the Ingredients catalog. “Cabal” is a a techno influenced roller, while “Mud” is distinctly Intalex on the B side. recipe031 by Ingredients:

Lynx – Dive Deep In/Shadowland – Releases December 3rd – Warm Communications

This one is being released on the Texas-based Warm Communications label (big up to EHL in Amarillo!). “Dive Deep In” features vocal treatments by respected vocalist Kemo and submergest itself in dirty, deep funk. A rock solid half time beat and punishing bass stabs keep the momentum while guitar strings weave in and out. “Shadowlands” features fellow technician Hellrazor in an epic roller comprised of swelling strings, steppy drums and menacing bass. LYNX – WARM023 by Warm Communications

Ruffhouse – Demand/Division – Releases December 3rd – Ingredients Records

We’ve mentioned Ruffhouse previously and we touted their debut “The Foot/Bypass” then…now it’s an even deeper, darker follow-up on Ingredients.

‘Demand’ really shows their ability to make progressive, forward thinking music and it’s the unpredictability of ‘Demand’ that makes it a stand out track. ‘Division III’ is equally as impressive, room shattering drums & almighty stabs. RUFFHOUSE – Demand [edit] recipe032 03.12.12 by Ingredients: RUFFHOUSE – Division III [edit] recipe032 03.12.12 by Ingredients:

Forgot one!

Eleven8 & Clarity – Changing Colours EP – Releases December 10th – The Crescent

Whoa! This release is pure atmosphere. I really wish I could share an audio preview of it (maybe if I crow loud enough they’ll provide one on their Soundcloud?). It’s fucking beautiful. This is Eleven8’s second release, this time on The Crescent, which follows his recent drop (Hadal Zone/Across The Sky) on Blu Mar Ten Music. “Changing Colours” is a collab between he and 17 year old prodigy Clarity. It hovers around 130bpm and is simply gorgeous. “I Fell Into A Memory” is easily my favorite…it’s got a smooth, ambient feel and a well placed pitched down vocal. “Scattered” has a lovely guitar hook that’s just the right side of spacey.

As I said there’s no audio preview, but you can hear “Changing Colours” on Eleven8’s BMT Guest Mix.

Wooo! My crowing worked (not really) and they put up an audio preview. eleven8 – ‘Changing Colours’ EP [CRES003] [Forthcoming 10.12.12] by The Crescent eleven8 – BMTM Guest Mix by Blu Mar Ten

Look for these tunes at all your normal digital outlets.


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