Total Science Interview

The first Tuned-In compilation from 2001 helped to introduce the world to a lot of newer talent. Is that also the goal for part two?

Our main intention with both LPs was to showcase the music we like and that was from established and new producers. It is a great way to introduce new talent though and we always like to bring new people to the forefront as thats what helps the scene grow.

Why do you feel it’s important to showcase newer producers?

We were new producers once and it was hard back then to get a break when there we’re only a handful of people in the scene who could do it properly let alone now when you can literally make tracks with an i-phone, so we think its important to help push new artists we think are quality.

You waited 11 years to release the second compilation. Was that intentional?

It was never the intention. We wanted to do part two a few years ago but had to get the right music for it which we feel we have now so the time seemed right.

Of all the tunes on the compilation, which is your favorite?

Paul – Its hard to pick a track from the comp but if I’m to say one I would go for Quadrant – Scandal. Just can’t help bounce around when the bass drops.

Quiff – Yeah very difficult the whole thing is a collection of favourites but if i had to pick one it would be Spirit – Dream Demon as its served me so well as an intro for my DJ sets.

How do you juggle so many projects between your various labels, collaborations, and touring?

Its just about managing your time properly. We assign time to each project and because there are two of us its a lot easier. One can be touring while the other is doing production / label stuff.

You have an amazing assortment of production aliases and collaborations. How do you decide which track gets released under which alias and label?

We only really use Total Science, 8 bits and Q Project (8 Bits being Paul and S.P.Y , Q Project being Quiff) these days, We write such a varied array of D&B we try to pick a label to fit each track, or labels will approach us after hearing a track which fits them.

How do you choose a producer to remix your work?

We think of the vibe we want the remix in and then ask if they are interested in doing it or not. Its that simple really.

Is there a track from your past that you wish was never released?

Haha! To be honest quite a few over the past 20 years but you live and learn.

Does SPY ever sleep?

Only on a Wednesday.

What else can we expect from you in the new year?

We’ve been busy in the studio and on various label projects so basically a lot more tracks from ourselves on various labels and more CIA / Deepkut releases.


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Many thanks to Quiff & Paul of Total Science for their time! Tuned-In 2 will be released later this month.

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