Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast

Blu Mar Ten began a podcast series a few weeks ago that explores a wide range of artists and genres that influence their own work. Chris from BMT does the selecting and provides info about each track in his indomitably dulcet tones. If you visit the iTunes page for the podcast you can even find out where to buy and/or download each tune.

I’ve only linked Episode 3 in this post, but you can click on the iTunes page link above for episodes 1 and 2.

Music we love, music that influences us & tracks from our label, Blu Mar Ten Music Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast – Episode 3 by Blu Mar Ten

eleven8 – Hadal Zone – (available Nov 5th)
Tournesol – Orange Planet
Photek – Kanei
Alice Coltrane – Turiya & Ramakrishna
Tycho – Adrift
Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway (Jon Hopkins Version)
Seba – Camouflage
Jeff Grace – Orphans
Joseph Arthur – A Smile That Explodes
Chandra Vati – Dari Love Song
Egypt – In The Morning
Choir of Young Believers – Hollow Talk
Dykehouse – Sandy Strip
LFO – Simon from Sydney
Ahmed Hanan Nasser – Mawal Wa Raqsa
Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady
Rachel Portman – Joy Luck Club
Manitoba – Dundas Ontario
Bob James – Nautilus
Sirc – Through the Ringer

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