Tuned-In 2

Way back in 2001, the Total Science boys put out a compilation on their C.I.A. Records imprint called Total Science Presents: Tuned-In. It featured cuts from Total Science, Q Project, Future Cut, Intalex & ST Files, and a little known (at the time) Irish producer by the name of Calibre. It featured future classics like the “Wot’s My Code” and “Champion Sound” remixes that were caned mercilessly at the time as well as the severely under-rated “Hideous Kinky” by Future Cut.

Now, 11 years later, C.I.A. have followed up with a second Tuned-In compilation featuring tracks by Total Science, S.P.Y, Calibre, Lenzman, Break, Riya, Sinnistar, Beta2 and others. Unfortunately, I don’t have a full audio preview to share, but I’ve managed to cobble together a couple of clips/mixes because no amount of text really does any of this music justice.

Check out Lenzman’s remix of “Past Lives” in the Soundcloud clip below, 8bits & Q Project’s “Lowend Theory” at the end of their FabricLive mix from July, and Break’s “Slipstream” via youtube.

CD Tracklist:
1. Total Science, Kevin J. King, S.P.Y – Past Lives (Lenzman Remix)
2. Break – Slipstream
3. Calibre – Clipper Man
4. 8 Bits & Q Project – Low End Theory
5. Riya Ft Zero T – Stolen Moments
6. Fracture – The Breaks
7. Spirit – Dream Demon
8. Proktah – Trust
9. Sinistarr & Grimm – Anything
10. Total Science – Going In Circles (Break Remix)
11. Total Science Ft Riya – Cold Blood
12. Beta 2 – Perceptions

LP Tracklist:
A Total Science, Kevin J. King, S.P.Y – Past Lives (Lenzman Remix)
B Break – Slipstream
C Calibre – Clipper Man
D 8 Bits & Q Project – Low End Theory
E Serum – Vendetta
F Riya Ft Zero T – Stolen Moments

Release Date: November 5th, 2012

https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F60959202 TOTAL SCIENCE & S.P.Y ; PAST LIVES [feat KEVIN KING] LENZMAN REMIX (CIAUKLP001) by Total Science


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