Beats & Pieces Ver. 1

Normally we focus on posting DJ mixes and free tracks that we feel are good enough to share, but once in awhile I hope to highlight new releases and albums from across the musical spectrum. I’ve tentatively titled these posts as Beats and Pieces (and I reserve the right to change the name at anytime).

First up is Ruffhouse’s release “The Foot” & “Bypass” (cat no: Recipe030) on Ingredients Records. These tunes are getting played all over, but most recently they were featured in Doc Scott’s Future Beats Vol 10 mix. “Bypass” is a cold and hard minimal drum&bass lick with a thick bassline chugging the track along. “The Foot” is a little more mellow with haunting atmospherics raining down as the BPMs steadily increase in intensity. RUFFHOUSE ‘Bypass’ (edit) – recipe030b by Ingredients: RUFFHOUSE ‘The Foot’ [edit] – recipe030 by Ingredients:

One of the more prolific (and my fav) producers in drum & bass is Symmetry label boss, Break. He consistently makes big, bassy, dancefloor tunes. The track “Slow Down” and it’s VIP, that he did with DJ Die, were on heavy rotation last year. He’s following up that success with the release of “The Other Side” LP. I really dig the swing on “Love So True”, “Kicked To Death”, and Mikal’s “Frozen.” Release date on this is October 22nd, so make sure to snag a copy. Break presents “The Other Side” LP by Symmetry-Recordings

Even more Break business with the release of Utopia10 on October 15th. Features an all-star tune from from Break, Mako, Fields and Villem entitled “Dilligence” and “My Soul” by Russian up-and-comer Getz. You can hear previews of the some of the tunes HERE.


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