Freaky Flow – Volume 013

Freaky Flow is a really good guy and an even better DJ. He and Flipside played for us several times through the years up in Dallas and we always had a lot of laughs. We could always count on him to get our parties rocking with an infectious blend of jungle and hip-hop with just the right amount of turntablism thrown in for good measure.

Back in the early-00’s, Freaky Flow reached legendary status when he included this classic Skimpy’s outro bit from his “World Domination” mix on Moonshine Music. To this day we still say “MAKE SOME NOISE IF YOU WANT THE FRENCH FRY INSIDE!” when my friends and I are reminiscing.

He still tours regularly and has released a series of mixes recently on Soundcloud that are worth your attention. I’m just now getting around to posting the 13th volume, but you can find the rest of them HERE. Want even more Freaky Flow? Check his website: FREE DOWNLOAD – Freaky Flow – Volume 013 by freakyflow

001 ‘Look What You Have Done’ by Mutated Forms
002 ‘Concrete Proof’ by Total Science
003 ‘Household Goods (Enei Rmx)’ by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinos
004 ‘Love Is A Battlefield’ by Pat Benatar
005 ‘Best Served Cold’ by Mutated Forms
006 ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Accap)’ by Ol’ Dirty Bastard
007 ‘Latin Lingo’ by Cypress Hill
008 ‘Tap Ho (Taxman Remix)’ by TC
009 ‘Set Them Alight’ by Temo Feat. Buggsy
010 ‘Champion Skank’ by Caspa
011 ‘Polite Dance Song’ by The Bird And The Bee
012 ‘Axis’ by Commodo
013 ‘Childhood (Neosignal Rmx)’ by Rockwell Feat. Kito & Sam F.
014 ‘Bat Country’ by Ill-Haze
015 ‘Drop Call’ by Run Tingz Cru Feat. Tenor Fly
016 ‘Automatic’ by Wilkinson
017 ‘64 Thousand Dollar’ by June Miller Feat. SHC
018 ‘Fire (Dr. S. Gachet VIP Mix)’ by Prizna Feat. Demolition Man
019 ‘Hilltop View’ by Switch
020 ‘Skizm’ by Marcus Intalex
021 ‘Peacetime Resistance’ by Kings Of Convenience

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