Mikey Syphon – With(in)

New mix from yours truly. If you’re a fan of my previous mix Hyper(sleep), then you’ll love this one too. I compiled the mix to help center myself a bit. A lot of beautiful tracks, a little ambient, chillstep, house, etc. So take a listen if you have a couple of hours to take a journey With(in)

https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F48868704 With(in) by Mikey Syphon

June 2012

1. Mathew Jonson-Cold Blooded (dBridge’s No Love Mix)
2. A.Arleono-Quiet Line
3. Will Wilson-Magnetic Island
4. Chymera-Swim Away
5. King Britt & Firefly-The Light
6. RQ-Greater Geometry (ASC RMX)
7. Robert Manos-On Me (KB’s Fhloston Paradigm Mix)
8. Recondite-Pertichor
9. Didactic Scalica-Things Change (M.F.N. Smooth RMX)
10. Chymera-Strange Things Are Afoot
11. dBridge & Jon Convex-Lied To Be Loved
12. Luke Abbott-Modern Driveway
13. Scuba-Tulips
14. Dauwd-Ikopol
15. UMEK-Profile Lost (Djuma Soundsystem Beatless Version)
16. Simon Scott-_Sealevel.2
17. Sepalcure-Me
18. Gespleu-Hide Feelings Deeper
19. Hidyuki Ashizawa-Epilogue Bridge
20. Atakama-Jalasong
21. My 7Sky-Gone With The Wind
22. Tiger Stripes-Matters (Beatless Version)
23. 9 In Common-Jealous
24. Gespleu-Let Me Steal You


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