Down the Rabbit Hole

The process I use for finding music and sets for Shadowboxing is most likely a by-product of my adolescent ADHD resurfacing long enough to power me through a post…or it could just be a shitload of caffeine…in any case, here’s how it usually happens:

Things always begin when I need to find something to fill my ear holes with while I slog through my work day. Once I’ve established the need for music, I start finding said music using one of two methods. The first is to start hitting up the plethora of music blogs and Soundcloud artists that I follow. More often than not I’m able to locate something quickly and if it’s worthy of sharing, it goes on SB.

The second and most common method involves me falling down the proverbial “rabbit hole.” This happens when I see/hear something that intrigues me, and I start a journey to find out more information about an artist/song/mix and invariably end up posting about an entirely different genre/artist/song/mix. Today, like most days, is the latter…

Last week while I was going to lunch with my wife I heard a song by Purity Ring called “Odebear” on SiriusXM U’s Gorilla vs Bear blog show. After returning to work I immediately hit up the website to listen to the track again and find out more about Purity Ring. That’s where I found the video for “Odebear” below.

Once I’d scratched the itch for Purity Ring, I started to peruse other bits on GvsB’s blog and I stumbled upon the April 2012 Mix that features “Odebear.” You can download the mix by clicking HERE (right click, save as). The tracklist below gives you a complete list of included songs and artists with handy timestamps for easy identification.

GvsB April 2012 Mix Tracklist:
01 Suzanne Ciani :: eighth wave 00:00
02 Laurel Halo :: light + space 03:29
03 Purity Ring :: obedear 07:54
04 jj :: beautiful life 11:14
05 Harry Fraud :: bird on a wire (instrumental) 14:24
06 Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland :: the narcissist 17:33
07 Beams :: she’s deep seated 21:06
08 Airbird :: goodnight 23:24
09 CFCF :: exercise #6 (december) 26:36
10 Sam Flax :: child of glass 29:25
11 Sand Circles :: white sand 33:47
12 Jessie Ware :: 110% 37:09
13 LA Vampires By Octa Octa :: wherever, boy 40:27
14 Major Lazer :: get free (feat. amber coffman) 45:20
15 Prinzhorn Dance School :: i want you 50:03

There are a few choice bits in the mix. including Major Lazer’s “Get Free,” (which is free to download HERE) but what really captivated me was the staccato bass and haunting vocals of Jessie Ware’s “110%.” My curiosity was piqued and I changed tact immediately to start digging around for more Jessie Ware, which lead me to the video for “110%” on Youtube.

Once I’d had my fill of “110%” I noticed a video in the sidebar for Jessie’s track “Running (Disclosure Remix)” so I figured I’d give that a listen….and whoa I was not disappointed!

If you want to familiarize yourself with the original version of Jessie Ware’s “Running” then just click HERE.

In the comments of the Youtube upload there was a link to Eton Messy’s “Messy Mix Vol 1” on Soundcloud so I followed the breadcrumbs to his page. After listening to the mix on SC, I downloaded it, ripped it to my iPod, and have been bumping it in the car ever since. The mix is a collection of downtempo, future garage, and post-dubstep (or whatever the kids are calling unclassifiable bass music) wrapped up in a tight little package. The mix itself is a little short at only 48 minutes, but the track selection and low-end make up for it. Messy Mix #1 (Free download link in description) by Eton Messy

Benito – Shakes (Devonwho remix)
Karma kid – Delight in Delaware
Paul Jones – Bad Haircut (Obey City remix)
Timbah – Cuckoo Clock
Booddha – Intense
Pusherman – Still Feel
Mau’lin – Function Open (Am Rhein remix)
Cc – Separated
Mason – Superimposer (Zombe DIsco Squad remix)
Pasteman – Thinkin’ of you
Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure remix)
Lianne La Havas – Forget (Shlohmo remix)
Maribou State – Olivia (MAO remix)
123MRK – Untroubled (TOYC remix)
Jack Dixon – Stuck on you
Yoin – Tired of me

Did you dig Eton Messy’s Messy Mix Vol 1? Then check out Vol 2 and Vol 3.


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